Ebb and Flow Charters

with Capt. Kyle O'Hearn

Please call (305)-393-9420 for rates.


3/4 day 6 hours


Half Day 4 hours


Full Day


* Pricing is for 2 people only. A third person can be added depending on conditions. Plus $50 extra charge will be included.

Ice, water, sodas, rods, reels, live bait, fishing licenses and tackle all provided. Please feel free to bring drinks and food if you would like. 

*There will be a $100 dollar deposit on the booking of the trip. We accept Credit/Debit cards.

Nature/Backcountry Tours

Come and take a rare opportunity to see the backcountry of the Florida Keys. Come see the birds that visit our islands anytime during the year. We also see manatees, green heron, white heron, ospreys, hawksbill turtles, loggerhead turtles, inshore dolphin and anything else depending on the time of year.

Shark Trips

Shark fishing is a great time for anglers of all skill levels. We use Penn 6000 reels with 40 lb braided line and a 100 lb wire leader. We usually see Lemon sharks, Bull, and Bonnethead sharks. Most of the sharks are roughly 5 feet in length for the most part but have had some 8 foot Lemon and Bulls come to the boat. This provides for a terrific fight while you watch the speed and strength of the shark scream across the Florida Keys flats. This is a great trip for people to not only catch sharks but to learn of how important they are to the ecosystem.We use circle hooks which do not harm the fish at all. We also spend a lot of time informing people of the importance of sharks in our Florida Keys ecosystem and we also like to teach how you should not be afraid of sharks.   It is a great opportunity for grown men and kids alike to experience a close encounter with one of the worlds oldest creatures. Come down and book your trip of a lifetime today.

Snapper/ Family Fun Fishing

If you are looking to put a few fish on the grill at the end of the day and take your son or daughter fishing this is the perfect trip for you. Food fishing is great to do in the Florida Keys backcountry. We go out in the channels and chum up for mangrove snapper, yellowtail, grouper, mutton snapper and whatever else that may come. There is always something on the line and its an exciting way to get a few fish in the cooler. You really never know what may come through around here and it gets pretty exciting. This is also for beginners or pros alike.

Flats Fishing

Flats fishing is sport fishing at its finest. Slowly and quietly we poll through the flats of the Florida Keys and stalk out our targeted species that particular day. Fishing in this fashion takes a lot of patience and a very skillful cast when the time does come to throw at a fish. Throughout the year we see tarpon, bonefish, permit, seatrout, jack crevalle, barracuda, rays, sharks, redfish, and snook. We use mostly live bait consisting of mullet, small blue crabs, shrimp, pilchards, and pinfish rigged on a small circle hook. All of the flats fishing is catch and release. These fish have a hard enough time with all of the pressure they take during the constant fishing season and the constant change of our ecosystems and environment. If you're looking to catch that one beautiful fish you've always wanted to catch and want a relaxing beautiful day on the water call today and see whats biting.

USCG licensed and insured