Ebb and Flow Charters

with Capt. Kyle O'Hearn

Florida Keys Flats and Shark Fishing

with Capt. Kyle O'Hearn

Whether you're an experienced angler looking to cross that fish off your list  or this is your first time fishing in saltwater we can find the right trip for you. We are family friendly and love to show beginners how to fish properly. We use a calm, professional approach to coach you through that fish of a lifetime.

Sharks Fishing Trips

Shark fishing is an absolute blast. I think seeing 6 to 8 foot Lemon shark in roughly 3 feet of water and catching it is pretty exciting . It usually starts out with the 3 foot lemons and bonnetheads coming in first to the chum, then they will dissapear and all of a sudden the large sharks come, either bull shark or lemon sharks. At this point we get off the anchor and chase down the fish as you watch it race across the flats. Shark fishing in the Florida Keys is an exciting way to fight fish from 20 lbs to 200 lbs and have a constant stream of action throughout the day.

About Captain Kyle O'Hearn

Where it began..

 My love for outdoors and fishing in general came at a very early age. I would fish with my father at streams and small ponds in New England. He is a highly competitive man and always pushed me to get better and better at everything I did. So we would fish for trout, bass, perch, kibbies, just about anything I could get on a line or in my hands. I would stay outside from sunup to sundown fishing by myself or with my father. Then my grandfather would take me deep sea fishing once a year. We would go on "Head Boats" and try our luck. We would get ready the day before telling about all of the cod and haddock we would be bringing home and my grandmother would just laugh. We would go every year watching all of the people around us catch fish and have a great time. My grandfather was one of the most unlucky fisherman in the world. I remember the one time he caught something is was a "Blue" or a Blue shark. My grandfather was a very quiet and calm man but I will never forget how he brutally beat that shark to death. I look back it was horrible due to my love of sharks, but man it was funny. I then moved to the Florida Keys when I was 21 years old. I had family here and a couple of local guys wanted to see what I was made of. I remember spearfishing on my third day here. I then started fishing with some terrific Captains who took me under their wing and taught me everything from how to build boats to how to charter trips. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without them. I would sit on my uncles dock every night and catch a small pinfish, cut it in half and throw it out on my big rod and wait for a shark to come. I would catch 6 foot blacktips, nurse sharks, and maybe a few lemons and bulls. I still get that same rush of adrenaline every time I hear the drag start to scream. I believe it is why I try to improve as a guide and a captain everyday and I still can't wait to see the look on a clients face when they hear that drag start screaming either.

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NOAA Apex Predator Tagging Program

I'm proud to announce that we are now participating in NOAAs Apex Predator Tagging Program. We will be tagging sharks larger than 3 feet and sending the information to NOAA. If you would like to do this on one of the charters please let me know in advance. This is a great way to do your part in the research and preservation of sharks.  

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