Ebb and Flow Charters

with Capt. Kyle O'Hearn

August 2014

The birthday girl.

McKenna Grace Upthegrove and her father Matt  Upthegrove had a great day on the water. Matt took his daughter out for her special birthday like any great father would for a fun day of fishing and a gorgous day at the beach at Sawyer Key. This picture here is a McKennas first fish ever. She almost jumped off the boat with all the excitement. We also did a little bit of snorkeling around Tarpon Belly Key. It was a beautiful day and the water clarity was perfect. Except Matty was a little suprised by a good sized Bull Shark when snorkeling around a coral head. Grateful to be part of their special day. Happy Birthday again McKenna!

September Fishing


I have certainly been fishing a lot this month. Took a few weeks off to spend some time by myself on the water, and let me tell you, its been a good time. Just to get some fish on the table I went snapper fishing in the channels out back using live bait and cut. The snappers have been good on both tides as long as there is good current and they have been large. Most of the fish I'm taking home are 15 plus inches. Super large mangrove snapper and good size Lane Snapper. The best has been the Muttons. 20 inches long on average and thats been my main target. Sharks have been huge as well. Got an 8 foot lemon on light tackle chasing it down for an hour. Also have had some bulls eat a few 20lb plus Jacks I've been trying to catch. The fishing has been good for large Barracuda as well as Bonefish. The Bones are coming back it seems in good numbers and they are healthy as well. We just need to make sure we take care of them properly and try not to take them out of the water. To wrap September up its a great month to fish here, rarely see another boat, fishing is great, waters are calm, can't beat it. 

October/Nov 2014

Winter Begins

So the cold fronts started to come in, which means North or Northeast winds. This brings the cold air from up in north and brings colder waters to the Florida Keys flats and channels in the backcountry. It is good news when it just starts because it brings the bigger fish to water temperatures they prefer. The fishing was great in October and November. It has been a good time to hide behind an island and catch some very quality sized mangrove snappers. Gabby and I limited out in less than 2 hours on the water. Alan and I did some shark fishing and Alan caught a nice sized Blacktip Shark which put up quite a fight. We have also been fishing the channels out back and getting legal mutton snappers, red grouper and black grouper. The water as of recently has dropped from roughly 76 to 66 so finding the warmer water is the key to success. Once you find the warmer water you are finding large barracudas in school and usually all of the other target fish as well are not too far behind. Hopefully the cold temps will end soon and keep the water temperatures in the 70. 


Jan/February 2015

Cudas and Snapper

So January and February were great months to be in the Lower Florida Keys doing some Flats fishing. There were some very cold days where the water temps were as low as 58 degrees. This really shut fishing down other than finding a variety of sharks on the flats. After the water heated up a little bit the barracudas really went off hitting just about anything dragged in front of them. The upcoming months of March and April should bring warmer temperatures and my favorite fish, PERMIT and TARPON. Be safe and call to book your trip today. 

March 2015

Permit Pompono

So the fishing so far in March has been as expected, spectacular. The water temps started out in the mid sixties and have skyrocketed to 78 degrees as of the 16th. I went out yesterday and ran into a school of Permit that were well over 100 deep and over 2 feet long. There were also spadefish, pompano, tarpon, and a huge bull shark in the mix. We ended up hooking one permit and one pompano. The tarpon are also around pretty thick due to temperature and the amount of bait around. Glad spring is here early and will continue to enjoy the weather being flat calm for the next week or so. Call today and book your trip of a lifetime. 

Pompano/Permit March 2015

We have a beautiful week here in the Lower Florida Keys. Spent a few days out on the water recreationally and got some beautiful Permit and Florida Pompano. I hope everyone here in Florida is enjoying this weather and come down and fish the best time of year. 

March Madness

So took the wife out fishing this afternoon, and man, March has been a calm, peaceful, and absolute fishing madness out in the Florida Keys backcountry. We have been getting into 33 to 38 inch Permit and let me tell you how much fun it is to catch these fighters on light tackle. There are plenty of Tarpon rolling nearby as well but I personally love the fight of the big Permit. It seems like it will be calm for the rest of the month so give a call and catch a trophy fish today.