Ebb and Flow Charters

with Capt. Kyle O'Hearn

Early June 2014

Tarpon/ Permit are back..

The Spring Tides brought in a lot of water to the Florida Keys flats this week. The tarpon in the backcountry were just roaming around in areas they usually could not go. Even hooked one while snapper fishing as it came out of nowhere and picked up my bait. The bait of the week is live mullet and always keep at least one crab on the boat because the permit are back from their spawn and now back to the channels of the backcountry.

I also had the problem of very large lemon sharks coming and ruining my mullet while fishing on the flat, it was exciting just the 60 lb leader was cut clean every time. So book your trip today June is going to be a hot month. Plenty of tarpon, permit, and bonefish. This is your month to slam.

June 9, 2014

Monster Jack Crevalle/Permit

Beautiful day on the water today out in the backcountry of the Florida Keys. Had a monster sized Jack Crevalle almost destroy my small reel this morning and then lost a huge Permit. Saw tons on sharks and rays and barracuda but wasn't targeting the toothy critters today. Great to see the Florida Keys Backcountry looking healthy and back at it tomorrow.

June 16, 2014

Snapper Fishing

John decided to bring his girlfriend Jackie to come out on the boat Monday and do a little Snapper and Shark fishing. Needless to say we caught the kitchen sink. At our first spot the snapper bite was hot and we had action all morning. Jackie then wanted to catch some sharks so we headed out and ended up landing some nice Lemon Sharks and ended up getting a few Barracuda as well. Then we ended the day by going out and getting a few more snappers. John got a huge Jack Crevalle and the wierdest catch of the day a saltwater catfish. Jackie caught all the fish that went in the cooler and ended the day with a 19 inch Mangrove Snapper.

June 14 , 2014

Permit Fishing

John from Allenstown, Pa joined me this morning and we were going after Permit. The tides were extremely low due to the moon and John ended up hooking a Redfish. He pulled it out of the mangroves and got it half way to the boat before losing the fish. Its the kind of fish that will hurt for a while. We had a great time though and John ended up perfectly hooking a Bonnethead Shark in the corner of the mouth on a crab.

August 2014

Bonefish,Barracuda, and Sharks

August is a great month to be in the Florida Keys. The tourists leave after the lobster mini season rush and the water is calm and clear. This month I did a lot of diving for lobsters and did some beautiful flats fishing. The bonefish are starting to come back to the Keys after the cold snap a couple of years ago and it is a great way to spend a day. Went 4 for 6.